Your A to Z guide on Rointe and electrical jargon

Here at Rointe, we do our best to explain to customers exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, but there’s no escaping the jargon you may sometimes hear. To help ensure you’re never left out in the cold, we’ve come up with a handy jargon buster. If you need further help or have a question for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to listen and happy to help!

An alternating current that is constantly changing direction. Main electricity in the UK is an AC supply.
Our range of additional items, to complement our products. These include protective grills for radiators, racks and hanger for towel rails and installation kits, valves and supports for our new range of unvented hot water heaters. Click here to view them.
Ensuring we have a wide variety of products and ranges, that anyone can own and enjoy.
The Air Control is a remote control with two-way infrared communication. Send and receive instructions between your product and remote with a transmitting range of up to 3m. Compatible with all models in the D Series and Rome ranges. Includes 2 years guarantee*.
The transfer of heat by the movement of air.
The maximum speed of the air circulated by our products.
An ampere or amp, is the unit of measurement for the flow rate of an electric current.
A mode within our products that lowers the heating to 7ºC to protect the room from frost when not in use.
Atria is an ultra-thin underfloor heating solution with repositionable mesh and full surface adhesive, adaptable to uneven floors. Suitable for ceramic/tiled flooring and includes 10 years guarantee*.
This function activates the programming that has been previously set in the product. There is no need for manual temperature adjust. The product will heat according to the schedule set. You can modify the schedule – please refer to your manual for instructions.
The average temperature of the surface of our electric heating products. They should never exceed 43ºC.
The Basic Control is a remote control with infrared communication. Send instructions to your product with a transmitting range of up to 3m. Compatible with all models in the Kyros, Sygma and Siena ranges. Includes 2 years guarantee*.
Domestic electrical appliances with the BEAB Mark of Approval mean that they have reached a required safety standard (BS 3456).
A substance or object capable of being decomposed by the environment, thereby avoiding pollution.
Available in our range of towel rails. The boost function allows you to ‘boost’ your towel rail to maximum power for 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes.
The ‘British Standard 7671 Wiring Regulations’ which details the British Standard that all electrical installation work must abide by. It is a national safety standard.
Minimum standards for design, construction and modifications of nearly all type of building. All electrical work comes under ‘Part P’ of the building regulations.
Our brand new range of instant unvented water heaters that are mountable in any position (360º), allow instant hot water and include 2 years guarantee*. Available in a 4 litres/minute or 4.6 litres/minute model. Coming soon, September 2018.
A Spanish Test, Innovation and Services Centre that has certified our products according to their standards on quality, safety and environment.
A Spanish Energy and Environment test centre that has certified our products according to their standard of energy and environment.
A length of cable or wire, plus equipment connected to a single protective device.
A device that stops the flow of electricity in a circuit, if there is a fault.
A sense of physical or psychological ease. Something that makes your life easy and pleasant, like our electric heating.
Allows you to set a maximum temperature for your comfort within our electric heating products. It is a useful function as it restricts the selectable temperature to your maximum (or Comfort) and avoids energy waste.
A scheme (such as the NICEIC) that allows electricians to self-certify work carried out without needing building regulation approval.
Wires or cables with an electrical current running through them.
The D Series range of products that can be connected to our free, Rointe Connect app so you can control from your smartphone, tablet or PC. You can manage products individually or as a whole installation.
Our reduced height electric radiator, designed for installation under windows e.g. in a conservatory.
The amount of electrical energy or power used by an appliance.
Programmable digital thermostat compatible with our electric underfloor heating solutions. With built-in Wi-Fi, self-learning mode and compatible with the Rointe Connect app. Includes 2 years guarantee*. Coming soon, September 2018.
Our brand new range of ‘all in one’ heat pumps and storage tanks. An aero thermic system with low noise emission and with/without exchanger. Includes 5 years guarantee* on the tank and available in a 200 litre or 260 litre model. Coming soon, September 2018.
A direct current that flows in one direction only. You will find direct currents in batteries.
Our comprehensive colours and special finishes available within the D Series range. Choose from 28 RAL colours and 12 special finishes. Call us today to request the new DESIGNLINE Finishes brochure. Coming soon, September 2018.
Abbreviation for ‘domestic hot water’ – refers to hot water used in sinks, showers and baths in any type of building (residential, domestic and commercial).
D Series is our premium electric heating range with built-in Wi-Fi, consumption indicator, control by smartphone and 20 years guarantee* on the body. Includes electric radiators and towel rails.
This is done to prevent electric shocks by providing a path for the current to the earth should there be a fault. Earthing also causes protective devices such as fuses or RCDs to switch off the current in the event of a fault.
Allows you to set a minimum temperature for your comfort within Rointe electric heating products. It is a useful function as it restricts the selectable temperature to your minimum (or Eco) and avoids a cold room upon use.
The ECODESIGN Directive is the European Commission’s new legislative change for energy consuming products. Its main aim is to ensure a reduction in energy consumption, by making manufacturers, such as ourselves, produce more energy efficient products. Poorly designed or inefficient products will no longer be available to the market. For us, we are concerned with Lot20 of the ECODESIGN Directive, as it applies to solid fuel local space heaters or local space heaters. For more information on the ECODESIGN Directive or Lot20, go to
Relating to or concerned with, the relation of living organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings i.e. the environment.
A variable electricity tariff, commonly used with night storage heater. Gives a reduced price for using electricity overnight. Please note our products are not storage heaters and should not be used with an Economy 7 tariff.
The effective power (average power of use) of our radiators based on their nominal power. We multiply the nominal power by the equivalent consumption coefficient to get the effective power of our products. You can compare our electric radiators here.
Minimising the amount of electrical energy used, to reduce the energy consumption or amount of power used.
A useful indicator in our products that tells you the current energy efficiency of the product through a traffic light system – red, green and amber.
Abbreviation for ‘Electrical Installation Certificate’ – A declaration that any new installation, modification or addition is safe at the time it is put into service. You should receive one of these upon completion of any electrical work done in your property.
Products, like ours, that use electrical energy to convert into heat.
The number of heating elements within one of our radiators.
The energy efficiency rating is a measure of the overall efficiency of a home. The energy efficiency of the appliance is rated in terms of a set of energy efficiency classes from A to G on the label, A being the most energy efficient, G the least efficient.
An ‘Energy Performance Certificate’ or EPC, gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years. An EPC certificate is needed whenever a property is built, sold or rented. The person selling the house, the landlord or the letting agent must show you the EPC if you’re buying or renting.
A useful function that balances your Rointe heating product back to a constant temperature of 19ºC in manual mode.
The equivalent consumption coefficient is a parameter that we use to calculate the effective power (average power of use) of our radiators based on their nominal power. We multiply the nominal power by the equivalent consumption coefficient to get the effective power of our products.
Erko is an aluminium coated underfloor heating solution for greater heat dissipation in soft floorings. Suitable for soft flooring (wood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum and carpet) and includes 10 years guarantee*.
A term used to describe a group of energy sources, formed when ancient plants and organisms were subject to intense heat and pressure over millions of years. There are three types of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas. Their production and collection cause environmental and health impacts. All are non-renewable (meaning they cannot be replenished) and are harmful to the environment, as they release large amounts of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) which contributes to climate change. Rointe heating products do not use harmful fossil fuels to generate heat. We only use electricity, which is clean and safe.
A safety device that consists of a wire strip that melts to break the electric circuit should the current exceed safe levels.
An advanced low consumption technology developed and patented by us. Available in the D Series and Kyros ranges. Designed to reduce consumption, without affecting comfort by improving the energy management required to maintain a stable temperature. Discover more about Fuzzy Logic Energy Control here.
See ‘Earthing’.
A promise by us to repair or replace components within our products that develop a fault within a particular timeframe. Our guarantees are the longest on the market. Please click here for our current guarantee limits and rules.
Unlike organic pollutants, heavy metals cannot be biodegraded once introduced to the environment. They are harmful to air, water and soils. The most dangerous are cadmium, lead and mercury, which even in low concentrations can be harmful to human health. Rointe heating products do not use heavy metals in the manufacturing of our products. We only use high quality, European components that are safe and reliable.
The registered company of Rointe UK.
We class each of our heating products installed into a property, an ‘installation’. This could be a single product, or a group, depending on your heating needs.
A dedicated network of professional installers, officially certified to distribute, sell and install our products. Click here to find your nearest one.
The measure of watts in increments of 1,000. For example, 1 kW = 1,000 watts.
The measure of kilowatts per 1-hour cycle. For example, 1 kWh = 1 kilowatt per hour.
Our essential electric heating range with smart energy software, pre-installed programming and 20 years guarantee* on the body. Includes standard and reduced height electric radiators and towel rails.
In a mains powered electrical appliance, such as our heating products, the live wire (brown) carries the current to the appliance at a high voltage. Never touch the live wire.
Lot20 of the ECODESIGN directive concerns local space heaters, including those with solid fuel. It states that from 1st January 2018, all local space heaters that consume energy (electricity, gas or liquid) with a nominal heat output equal to or greater than 250W, must comply with a minimum energy efficiency standard. Expressed as a percentage, it states that all relevant products must meet at least a 38% seasonal energy efficiency ratio. For more information on the ECODESIGN Directive or Lot20, go to
This function allows you to change the product between the Comfort, Eco and Anti-frost modes and to change the temperature manually. There is no automatic programming.
Milos is our underfloor heating solution with resistant and flexible mesh, secured with adhesive bands. Suitable for ceramic/tiled flooring and includes 10 years guarantee*.
In a mains powered electrical appliance, such as our electric heating products, the neutral wire (blue) completes the electrical circuit and carries the current away from the appliance.
Abbreviation for ‘National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting’ – a membership body of contractors. They are assessed regularly to ensure they are competent in adhering to various standards and regulations set by the NICEIC. You should always choose a NICEIC contractor to ensure any work completed in your property is safe.
The capacity of our products determined by measuring the electric current and circuit voltage, whilst varying the resistance under precisely defined conditions.
Our online calculation app allows you to calculate an estimated technical study of any installation by inputting the location, desired products, number of room and the m2 of the installation. This tool provides an estimate and an official technical study should be obtained by our professional department before products are installed.
An energy saving function in our products, designed to activate the Anti-frost mode (7ºC) if the sensor detects a temperature drop of 4ºC within a 30-minute timeframe. This is so the product does not use or waste excessive energy heating a room with an open window.
The costs associated with maintaining a system. For example, with us there are lower operating costs due to increased energy efficiency, hardly any maintenance (no pipes, gas certificates etc.) and the ability to control your consumption from any location, at any time.
Patented low consumption technology, developed exclusively by us. Available in the Sygma range.
A section of the ‘Building regulations’ that refers to electrical work. Any contractor carrying out electrical work in England and Wales must adhere to Part P standards to protect from fire and electric shocks.
Abbreviation for ‘Portable Appliance Testing’ – inspection and testing of electrical equipment to ensure it is safe to use.
Refers to water that is safe to drink/drinkable.
The Kyros range of our electric heating products contains four programs already installed within the programming software. These are four common lifestyle schedules so you can simply activate and let your product heat according to the schedule.
The ability to lock the product control panel to prevent misuse or tampering.
The IP Code, International Protection Marking, IEC standard 60529, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion (body parts such as hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures.
Abbreviation for ‘Residual Current Device’ – a life saving device designed to prevent fatal electric shocks. They work by cutting the electricity when a fault like a large electricity surge is detected. You should test your RCD every six months.
Our expert Research, Development and Innovation department that work to improve our products and processes for the benefit of each customer.
The free, multiplatform app for your smartphone, tablet or PC. Simply connect your D Series, Rome or CT.2 thermostat to the Rointe Connect app (via your router) and have the ability to adjust temperature, lock the control panel or view your actual consumption and costs, anytime, anywhere.
Developed by us, it calculates the number of elements necessary based upon the area square metres and geographical climate.
Our brand new range of unvented water heaters that include low consumption technology, built-in Wi-Fi and 5 years guarantee* on the tank. Available in an 80 or 150 litre model.
Our brand new range of unvented water heaters that include low consumption technology, pre-installed programs and 5 years guarantee* on the tank. Available in an 80 or 150 litre model.
Intelligent technology and heating.
Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). An electronic device so made is called a surface-mount device (SMD).
Programmable digital thermostat compatible with our electric underfloor heating solutions. Easy to use with 24/7 programming. Includes 2 years guarantee*.
Using methods that do not harm the environment so that natural resources are still available in the future. Causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long period of time.
Our economical electric heating range with Optimizer Energy Plus technology. Includes standard electric radiators and reduced height radiators, and towel rails. This range is only available for projects/contractors and upon request.
Our Project & Specification department provides free technical studies. This study is imperative to calculate the correct sizing of our products for maximum efficiency and comfort.
A thermal break or thermal barrier is an element of low thermal conductivity placed in an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials. There is an exclusive thermal break system in our new range of unvented water heaters (Rome and Siena only).
Thermal conductivity (often denoted k, λ, or κ) is the property of a material to conduct heat. It is evaluated primarily in terms of the Fourier’s Law for heat conduction.
A biodegradable, high heat transfer fluid contained without our radiators and towel rails.
TRIAC, from triode for alternating current, is a generic trademark for a three terminal electronic component that conducts current in either direction when triggered.
Our brand new range of compact unvented water heaters that include an external thermal regulator, outputs on the top or bottom and 2 years guarantee*. Available in a 10 and 15 litre model.
The measure of voltage or potential difference. For example, 230 V~ = 230 volts.
What we aim to provide you with – a comfortable and warm environment..
The measure of energy consumed by an appliance or lightbulb per second. For example, 1 W = 1 watt.


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