D Series Water Heater

Advanced functionality, delivering efficiency & ease of use.

The D Series water heater stands out, above the competition in Domestic Hot Water heaters. Thanks to the advanced functionalities built into this water heater, you will have hot water whenever you need it, a reliable and easy to use system.

The ‘temperature evolution’ function shows the percentage of hot water available for use, so you have a clear view and complete control of your hot water usage. The D Series water heater has double heating elements, connected in parallel, which means that if one malfunctions, the other will continue working. The ‘anti-legionella’ function is activated periodically, ensuring that the bacteria causing Legionnaires Disease is never present in your water heater.

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control

Low consumption technology that allows optimising the water heater’s energy consumption, making it possible to reach a non-consumption coefficient of 81% of nominal power.

Anti-Legionaires’ disease protection

This function activates the water heater periodically, raising the temperature to 60ºC for one hour to to ensure that the bacteria causing this disease is not present in the water.

Advanced tactile control panel

Advanced control on the Water Heater thanks to the Tactile Control Panel with 5 buttons and 1.77″ TFT screen with visual menus for navigating through the advanced functions.

Water heating progress function

Thanks to this function you will be able to see the increase in water temperature by percentage, until it reaches the temperature set on the control panel.

Direct, Instant Wi-Fi Communication without gateways

The link between the inbuilt Wi-Fi and E·Life technology makes the D Series the only water heater that does not need gateways or intermediate terminals to connect via the Internet using your home or office router with the Rointe Connect App.
The connection between this heating device and the E·life servers is established directly via WiFi, providing an immediate response capacity of 270 milliseconds. The changes you make in the App will be reflected instantly in your water heater!

E·life Technology

Home automation allows the individual management and control of each product via the Internet, simple and easily.

True Real Power

The True Real Power electricity reading allows you to see the individual product or full installation’s real energy consumption at any time.

Consumption and Control Statistics

Detailed control from the Rointe Connect App using Statistic Parameters such as consumption, cost, control, etc.

1.77” TFT screen with custom background colour options

1.77” TFT Screen for optimal viewing from any angle with user-adjustable background colour through the App.

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control –
the latest advance in energy savings technology

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control is the Low Consumption technology developed by the R&D department of Rointe and applied to the D Series water heaters.The use of Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology was tested by independent laboratories, and proven to save up to 81% in comparison to heating devices with no thermostat.

Technical Specifications


Volume: Width x Height x Depth
50 litres: 404mm x 680mm x 404mm
75 litres: 404mm x 900mm x 404mm
100 litres: 404mm x 1.150mm x 404mm
150 litres: 580mm x 960mm x 580mm
200 litres: 580mm x 1.120mm x 580mm


Installation Position: Vertical
Water intakes: 1/2” in 50, 75 and 100 litre products, and 3/4” in 150 and 200 litre products
Electrolytic bushings
Tripod: optional for  150 and 200 litre products

Mechanical Characteristics

Heating elements: Double elements coated with armoured Steel
Maximum work pressure: 9 bars
Vitrified Steel Tank
Magnesium anode protector
CFC-free polyurethane insulation
Control: Tactile Control Panel
Product weight: from 18 Kg to 56 Kg
Finishes: RAL 9016 White

Electrical Characteristics

No. of elements x power: from 2 x 800 W to 2 x 1,200 W
Nominal Power: from 1,600 W to 2,400W
Effective Power: 19% = from 304 W to 456W
Voltage: ~230 V
Electricity: from 7 A to 10.4 A


TFT (1.77”) screen
De-icing/Eco/Comfort mode
New User Mode
Manual/Automatic function
Anti-legionella function
Temperature evolution function
Screen brightness control
Nominal and effective power
24/7 programmable (tactile panel, Rointe Connect App and/or AIR Control remote)

Performance and Security

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control
E·life Technology & Wi-Fi Inside
True Real Power meter
Rointe ULP32 Micro controller
Wireless Wi-Fi Communication
Infrared data transmission
Cold water Dispencer
Safety Valve
Safety Thermostat
Maintenance Consumption: from 1.1 to 2.3kWh/24h
Degree of protection: IP X4
Energy Classification:
2004/108/CE Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification
2006/95/CE Electronic Security Certification