Water Heaters

Our unvented water heaters are the ideal solution to complete your system. From special enamel to protect the interior to two heating elements connected in a parallel circuit, we ensure the function of our water heaters under any circumstance.

With five models ranging from 50 litres to 200 litres, you can choose the one that best meets your needs. They also incorporate a progress function so you can see the available heated water at any given time and an anti-legionella function to protect the system against this harmful bacterium. The insulation of our water heaters is key to maintaining a stable temperature of the water within the tank. This together with advanced technology and electronics make our water heaters the most efficient on the market.

Rointe – Lot20 compliant

All our water heaters have been manufactured in compliance with the new Lot20 regulation of the ECODESIGN Directive. So you can easily identify them, they include a badge that shows their certification with these regulations. Want to know more about Lot20? Visit our dedicated website: www.ecodesignheating.com. If you have a specific question on Lot20, view our FAQs.

Exclusive advanced functions

Our electric water heaters include unique advanced functions to stand out from the crowd.

Harmful legionella bacteria thrive in freshwater humid environments. They are of a particular concern in water systems like boilers and hot water tanks. To ensure that our digital water heaters are 100% safe, we incorporate an advanced function within each model.

Our water heaters will automatically raise the temperature of the heated water to 60ºC for one hour once a week. This destroys any possible dangerous legionella bacterium for safe, clean water.


This exclusive function shows the user the amount of available hot water that our water heaters are able to supply at the temperature the user has set. When activated, the display will show the % of heated water contained in the tank that is at the user-defined temperature.

The user can check how much hot water is available at the touch of a button and keep track of the amount used.

Design and low consumption technology

With 5 capacity sizes, ranging from 50 litres up to 200 litres, you can choose the one that best meets your needs. The 50L, 75L and 100L are square to fit smaller spaces such as cabinets. Whilst the 150L and 200L are cylindrical and mounted on a support tripod in low-rise areas. Made from enamelled steel, they include a biodegradable, CFC free polyurethane insulation with a thickness of 3 cm.

In addition, each water heater incorporates energy-saving technology, developed and patented by our R+D+I Department. They generate a lower temperature fluctuation due to micro-pulses that send the correct amount of energy required at any specific moment. This maintains a stable temperature with a thermal variation of only +/-0.25ºC, maximising energy efficiency and ultimately, saving you money.

Protection and safety

Includes 2 sheathed elements that can be replaced without draining the whole tank. They work in a parallel circuit but connect individually. So if one is damaged, the other continues to heat the water.

Each of our digital water heaters contains a magnesium anode to protect the lifespan of the cylinder by preventing limescale and subsequent corrosion. These should be checked periodically.

A safety thermostat is included in all our water heaters, preventing the possibility of overheating. Unlike the rest of the market, ours reads the temperature at the top of the tank for a precise measurement.

The electrolytic components are assembled during the manufacturing process to avoid corrosion that can occur when joining steel pipes to hot water outlets.

The use of our thermostatic mixing valve increases the available hot water by up to 70%. It also prevents scalding to the user by ensuring a precise and stable temperature.

All our water heaters come with 5 years guarantee on the inner steel tank and 2 years on electrical components.

Energy saving functions

Developed and patented by us, this specialised low consumption technology takes energy optimisation to the next level. The technology will predict the amount of energy needed to reach the set temperature, maximising cost savings. Once the desired room temperature has been reached, it generates micro-cuts in the heating element to maintain a stable temperature with a variation of only +/- 0.25ºc.


With the Efficiency indicator, each water heater can verify and monitor its efficient use. Depending on the consumption, the water heaters will display a coloured indicator: green for optimal efficiency, yellow if it exceeds normal efficiency and red if the water heater is working well above the estimated consumption. With this exclusive energy saving function, you can monitor your energy consumption and therefore maximise your efficiency and increase your savings.

Connected controls in the palm of your hand

Our water heaters can be controlled 24 hours, 7 days a week from the product screen itself. They can also be programmed through the use of our infrared AIR Control or BASIC Control remotes. The AIR Control allows easy programming plus sending or receiving commands from the radiator. With the BASIC Control, which was designed for quick use, the options are simplified by the 4 pre-installed program buttons.

In addition to the infrared interface, our premium D Series range has a WiFi module incorporated, allowing the water heaters to be controlled via WiFi from the Rointe Connect app. With the free Rointe Connect app your smartphone, tablet or PC will work as a switchboard for easy control of your installation meaning you can adjust temperatures, lock the products remotely and control the expenditure on a daily basis anytime, anywhere.

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