D Series Towel Rails

The curved, sleek electric towel rail

The D Series Towel Rail will be introduce a new level of comfort in your bathroom. This towel rail does more than drying towels, and keeping them warm and ready to use, it also quickly raises the temperature of your bathroom with its 2-hour boost function.

Adding to that, the D Series Towel Rails will blend in effortlessly with your bathroom design thanks to the wide variety of finishes available. The D series efficient towel rails are the result of endless innovation from our Research and development team,  depending on the finish and size, the D Series Towel Rails have a resistance of between 300 and 750 W, which guarantees an optimal relation between resistance and thermal fluid, ensuring your towel rail heats quickly, and retains the heat for longer. When choosing your D Series Towel Rail, you should take into account the dimensions of the area where it will be installed, this will ensure optimum results.

The D Series Towel Rail range means a technological improvement in heating for humid environments, because it is the only one on the market with an integrated WiFi module. Thanks to this module, you will be connected to the product from any location. You will be able to program or turn it on ahead of time and without having to be at home, via the Rointe Connect App.

2-hour boost

Continuous functioning for two hours at maximum power. This function quickly raises the temperature of the room and returns it to the preset temperature after two hours.

Endless finishes

The new D Series Towel Rails are available in different finishes: white, chrome, black forge effect, not to mention an endless range of RAL colours. Check out our colours chart!

Advanced tactile control panel

Advanced control of the towel rail is possible via the tactile control panel with 5 buttons and 1.77″ TFT screen. Easy to use, visual menus to navigate the advanced functions.

Open Windows Mode

Energy Saving ‘Open Windows’ Mode, which is activated automatically when there is a temperature drop of 4ºC in the room in less than half an hour. When activated, the Towel Rail will select the 7ºC De-icing Mode, reducing consumption.

Direct Wi-Fi Communication with no gateways

The link between the inbuilt Wi-Fi and E·Life technology makes the D Series the only towel rail that does not need gateways or intermediate terminals to connect via the Internet using your home or office router with the Rointe Connect App.
The connection between this heating device and the E·life servers is established directly via WiFi, providing an immediate response capacity of 270 milliseconds. The changes you make in the App will be reflected instantly in your towel rail!

E·life Technology

Home automation allows the individual management and control of each heater via the Internet, simple and easily.

True Real Power

The True Real Power electricity reading allows you to see the individual product or full installation’s real energy consumption at any time.

Consumption Statistics

Detailed control from the Rointe Connect App using Statistic Parameters such as consumption, cost, control, etc.

1.77″ Screen

1.77” TFT Screen for optimal viewing from any angle with user-adjustable background colour through the App.



Real-time consumption statistics

The E·fficiency function of the Rointe Connect App gives you a clear view of how efficiently you are using your heating system. Now it is possible to see the real-time consumption of your heating system, vital information such as temperature statistics, daily consumption, daily running costs and accumulated savings, this is thanks to the True Real Power meter in your D Series Towel Rail.

The D Series Towel Rail is available in 4 different sizes and many finishes.

Download RAL Colour Chart

Technical Specifications


Model: Width x Height (with panel) x Depth
030: 500mm x 843mm x 55mm
045: 500mm x 1.161mm x 55mm
060: 500mm x 1.475mm x 55mm
075: 500mm x 1.797mm x 55mm

Mechanical Characteristics

Resistance: Class II Armoured Steel
Design: Curve
HeatConductor: Thermal fluid
Control: Control panel with tactile keyboard
Product weight: from 13 Kg to 25 Kg
Finishes: RAL 9016 White/Chroming/Forging effect Black/RAL Colours (ask for the RAL chart)

Electrical Characteristics

Nominal Power:

White/Black/RAL: from 300W to 750W
Chrome: from 300w to 600W

Voltage: ~230 V
Electricity:White/Black/RAL: from 1,3A to 3,26A
Chroming: from 1.3A to 2.61A

Resistance: Class II  Protection


TFT (1,77”) Screen
De-icing/Eco/Comfort Mode
New User Mode
Manual/Automatic Function
Screen brightness control
Continuous function for 2 hours
Open Windows Function
24/7 programmability (tactile panel, Rointe Connect App and/or AIR Control panel)

Performance and Security

E·life Technology & Wi-Fi Inside
True Real Power meter
Rointe ULP32 Microcontroller
Wireless Wi-Fi Communication
Fireproof wiring
Infrared data transmission
Level of protection: IP44
2004/108/CE Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification
2006/95/CE Electric Security Certification


Installation Template
Installation kit with screws and  brackets