Towel Rails

Our towel rails are the perfect complement for any sized bathroom. Available in four sizes and a range of finishes, they’ll fit seamlessly into your décor.

They have a nominal power output between 300 and 1,000 W, which helps to ensure that the unit heats quickly and retains heat for longer. The towel rails come in four sizes and are easy to install with wall anchors close to the side of the body. An accessory range is also available including protective grills for the radiators and towel racks and hangers for our towel rails.

Rointe – Lot20 compliant

All our towel rails have been manufactured in compliance with the new Lot20 regulation of the ECODESIGN Directive. So you can easily identify them, they include a badge that shows their certification with these regulations. Want to know more about Lot20? Visit our dedicated website: If you have a specific question on Lot20, view our FAQs.

Energy saving functions

As manufacturers, we are dedicated to helping our customers increase energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs in any way we can. Not only are our towel rails Lot20 compliant, we’ve also incorporated a variety of energy saving functions into them to help.

In addition, all of our towel rails include smart learning and incorporate a USER function. This allows you to set a limited temperature range with a minimum and maximum temperature for the Eco and Comfort modes. For example, setting 21ºC for the Comfort mode and 18ºC for the ECO mode, the user can only move between temperatures in this range. It’s a useful function for larger properties such as hotels and student residences, as it restricts the selectable temperatures and avoids energy waste.

The Open Windows function uses an advanced algorithm to anticipate the scenarios that decrease the temperature of a room e.g. an open window. When the product detects a 4ºC temperature drop within a 30 minute time period, it will automatically move into ANTI-FROST mode at 7-8ºC. This means efficient use and prevention of excessive consumption.


With the Efficiency indicator, each towel rail can verify and monitor its efficient use. Depending on the consumption, the towel rail will display a coloured indicator: green for optimal efficiency, yellow if it exceeds normal efficiency and red if the radiator is working well above the estimated consumption. With this exclusive energy saving function, you can monitor your energy consumption per towel rail and therefore maximise your efficiency and increase your savings.

Exclusive advanced functions

The 2-hour boost feature is an extraordinary function that you might use more often than not.

When activated, your towel rail will heat to its maximum power for 2 hours which is perfect for when you return home from a holiday or if your heating has been off during the day. Once the room reaches the optimal temperature, the 2-hour boost function automatically shuts off and the temperature will return to the preset.

What’s more, if you feel 2 hours is a bit too long to increase the temperature, you can choose 15, 30 or 60 minutes instead. As a smart programmable feature, the 2-hour boost function can provide a warmth boost when you most need it.

Protection and safety

Classified as a Class II product with double insulation and no grounding required.

Protection grade of IP44 meaning they are protected against dust particles smaller than 1mm and water splash.

Specially formulated to provide the maximum heat transfer with circular conductivity, where the viscosity of the liquid is key to higher heat transfer.

All our towel rails come with 10 years guarantee on the steel main body and 2 years on electrical components.

The control panel is manufactured using fire-retardant polycarbonate and with additives to prevent colour degradation.

Armoured steel heating element duly thermally compensated and longer length to provide a uniform heat.

Design and style

Our towel rail range is the widest on the market, which makes them incredibly versatile to add to any interior scheme in your bathroom. Choose from 4 sizes, numerous colours and 2 designs:

The towel rail height ranges from 800mm to 1,800mm so we can accurately calculate the dimensions needed to suit the space of any bathroom. They are manufactured from high quality 1.5mm thick steel and are designed exclusively with elegant and harmonic lines: the D Series with a modern curved bar finish and the KYROS with a sleek straight bar finish.

Across our towel rail collection there are 3 main finishes available, from brilliant white to shining chrome and a graphite forge effect. Plus, the D Series range has an entire list of RAL colours with 30 to choose from so designers and architects can create the perfect installation from a multitude of styles.

Connected controls in the palm of your hand

Our towel rails can be controlled 24 hours, 7 days a week from the product screen itself. They can also be programmed through the use of our infrared AIR Control or BASIC Control remotes. The AIR Control allows easy programming plus sending or receiving commands from the towel rail. With the BASIC Control, which was designed for quick use, the options are simplified by the 4 pre-installed program buttons.

In addition to the infrared interface, our premium D Series range has a WiFi module incorporated, allowing the towel rails to be controlled via WiFi from the Rointe Connect app. With the free Rointe Connect app your smartphone, tablet or PC will work as a switchboard for easy control of your installation meaning you can adjust temperatures, lock the products remotely and control the expenditure on a daily basis anytime, anywhere.

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