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The benefits of being an Official Rointe Installer

Courses, seminars, marketing materials, exclusive offers, appearing in our installer locator and…much more!

The Rointe Digital Integral System is unique in the world due to its quality, professionalism, exclusive measuring coefficients, and the fact that we only work with professional and highly-qualified installers. Our products are designed for all types of installations, such as homes, big buildings and big businesses.

To become an Official Rointe Installer you must fulfil the requirements of our brand to ensure that they meet our quality standards and that you, as an installer can benefit from the wide range of advantages that come hand in hand by joining us, such as the growth of your business.

As an official Rointe installer, you will avail of multiple benefits, one such benefit is the adding of your company to the Rointe Installers network, bringing your business closer to potential clients via our installer locator.

Below are 10 advantages of being an Official Rointe Installer:

Exclusive and specialised technical training

Rointe organises courses and seminars in small groups with the purpose of updating and informing our Official Installers of the latest changes to the Rointe Digital Integral System and the technologies used in heating and Domestic Hot Water. Our team of technicians offers personalised training for each installer so that they can fully appreciate and understand the benefits and technical requirements of our systems.

Identification with your company

Rointe offers their official installers free stickers which identifies them them as Official Installers for their company vehicles and offices. In this way, your business will be recognised as an official Rointe contact point, increasing your company’s prestige. We will grow together.

On-demand marketing material

Rointe provides its installers with official presentation products for real time client demonstrations.  These are real products on a wooden base that are especially useful for clients to see and experience the new range of D Series heating products in any moment.  The use of these materials encourages sales and illustrates the power of our products, while helping to keep a professional company image.

Catalogues, Brochures, Stickers, Posters….

Rointe offers its official installers all kinds of promotion material such as catalogues, explanatory brochure dispensers, posters, rulers and other powerful marketing material.

Access to Exclusive Content designed especially for Official Rointe Installers

Enjoy exclusive articles, instructional videos, tutorials and product catalogues, all available to download directly from our website.  As an Official Installer, you can enter with your username and password and access a world of information designed exclusively for you.

Incorporation of your company into our webpage

Your company will be placed on Rointe Official Installers locator on our webpage. Local customers who are looking for an installer will find your business, meaning more sales and business for you. As a Rointe Official Installer, you will appear on the map according to your proximity to the location entered by the client, so you will be contacted by customers who are close, and ready to buy.

Continuous communication channel

You will periodically receive a communique with the latest updates, innovations, offers and news of interest that help you grow with more sales delivered by Rointe.

Free technical evaluations of your projects

The Rointe Digital Integral System delivers custom evaluations to properly calculate the requirements of a new installation. These evaluations are free if requested by our official installers – a competitive advantage over other products on the market. Our technical department will study each of your projects and deliver the personalised technical evaluation with the name of your company and all additional information.

Financing for your clients

When you are an official Rointe installer, you can offer your clients the possibility of financing their installation for up to 15 months with no interest or up to 60 days at a very low interest rate.

Personalised attention for your company

When you are an official Rointe installer, our company will support you fully.  All calls with questions, requests, suggestions or even talking personally with a commercial delegate, will be attended to immediately. With fluent communication, our connection goes above and beyond.

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