Our Guarantee

Customer satisfaction always comes first for us. That´s why we´ve extended each product guarantee. Even though the quality of our products is second to none, we know that sometimes problems arise. So, our extensive guarantees are now valid for up to 20 years and cover the main product plus the electrical components.

Find your product guarantee below and don´t forget to register your product to validate your guarantee.


20 years on the aluminium main body

3 years on the electrical components

Towel rails

10 years on the steel main body

2 years on the electrical components

Water heaters

5 years on the cylinder

2 years on the electrical components


Underfloor heating

10 years on the heating mesh

Free replacement if mesh becomes damaged during installation

AIR & BASIC remote controls

2 year on the remote controls


2 years on all product accessories

Guarantee Policy & Guidelines

In this section, we hereby describe the guarantee conditions, which the buyer acquires, on buying a product from ROINTE. These conditions comply with all the rights construed in the national legislation in force, as well as any additional rights and guarantees, which are offered by ROINTE.

Any incident that you might detect in your ROINTE product can be sorted by the product seller or quickly by the manufacturer. Please contact ROINTE by telephoning 0203 321 5929 for Technical Support. Alternatively, you can email ROINTE at support@rointe.co.uk, through which we will instruct you on how to solve the incident or send us an email through our contact formYou will need to state the product reference (located on the label indicating product features), serial number, proof of purchase and the type of incident at hand when contacting us so that we can check the guarantee. In addition, please attach a copy of the product invoice.

1. ROINTE guarantees that there are no material defects of design or manufacture at the time of original acquisition and guarantees the main body or cylinder for a limited period and any electronic and electrical components for a limited period, provided that they have not been modified in any way. Please check the number of months your product and its components are guaranteed for at the top of this page.

2. If during the guarantee period, the product does not work correctly under normal use, and any design, material or manufacturing defect is found, ROINTE will repair or substitute the product as it may see fit, in accordance with the terms and conditions as follows:

2.1. The guarantee is only applicable if the original guarantee is issued by the seller and when the said guarantee is filled in correctly including product reference, series number (marked on the product’s label indicating technical features), purchase date and the seller’s stamp, and either registered on our website at https://rointe.co.uk/technical-area/technical-support/product-registration/  or returned completed to ROINTE within 90 days of installation. ROINTE reserves the right to reject the guarantee service when this information has been removed or modified after the original product purchase.

2.2. The guarantee is only applicable if the product has been installed by a competent person in accordance with this installation manual and all current regulations and codes of practice at the time of installation.

2.3. The guarantee is only applicable to those cases that concern material, design and manufacturing defects, and under no circumstances covers damage to the product for the following reasons:

2.3.1. Damage caused by negligence and/or misuse of the product, i.e. used for other purposes that are not construed as its normal use or for not respecting the instructions of use and maintenance given by ROINTE as well as incorrect installation or use of the product that may not comply with the current technical standards of safety.

2.3.2. Corrosion of any part of the product caused by direct exposure to salt water. When the product is installed no more than 200m from the coast the guarantee for damages caused by corrosion the period will be reduced by 50%.

2.3.3. Any unauthorised modification of the product or repairs of the product carried out by third parties or unauthorised technicians or opening of the product by third parties or unauthorised people.

2.3.4. Any accidents that are deemed outside the control of ROINTE, such as (but not limited to): lightning, fires, floods, natural disasters, public disorder, atmospheric or geologic phenomena etc.

2.3.5. Faults that result from an incorrect installation. Guidance can be found within the recommendations for installation, by Rointe and in the installation manual. If in doubt, please contact ROINTE.

3. Any repairs or substitutions that are included in this guarantee do not allow any additions or new periods of guarantee.

4. Any repairs or substitutions covered by this guarantee must be parts that are functionally equivalent. The defective parts or parts removed or replaced shall become the property of ROINTE.

5. The product must be installed in a way that allows access for our technicians should they need to gain access to the product for repair or maintenance. The user/client is responsible for any costs or organisation required to provide access to the products for their repair and/or substitution.

6. The Technical Service department of ROINTE will advise you if you need to purchase any parts not covered by the guarantee or out of guarantee.

7. This guarantee will be null and void if the product: has been manipulated, modified and/or repaired in any way and/or by unauthorised persons. This guarantee will also be void if the product is not correctly installed.

8. This guarantee is not transferable and does not include claims due to frost or limescale damage.

9. Proof of purchase will be required to ROINTE for any claim.

10. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

11. This guarantee does not affect the buyer’s legal rights stipulated in the current national legislation, nor affects those rights against the distributor or installer that could come forth in compliance with the purchase contract.

12. In the absence of a national legal legislation applicable, this guarantee shall prevail and may be construed as the buyer’s only protection. ROINTE, its offices, distributors and installers may not be held responsible for any accidental damage that emerges due to infringement of any rules implicitly related to this product.

13. Check the EULA conditions (enclosed with your product manual) for information about the legal agreement you accept when installing any of our D-SERIES with DELTA Ultimate technology system.

14. Underfloor heating guarantees:  In order for the replacement guarantee to be valid, all installation procedures recommended in the Installation Manual must be followed. Failure to follow the instructions will invalidate the guarantee. If the installer makes a mistake and damages the net prior to placing the siding, he can return the damaged mesh within 30 days of purchase along with the original invoice with the purchase date. ROINTE WILL REPLACE ANY MESH THAT HAS NOT BEEN COVERED (MAXIMUM 1 MESH) WITH MESH NETWORK OF THE SAME MODEL – FREE.
If damage occurs during coating installation, contact Rointe. Our After Sales Service will offer you the best solution for each case. Remember that you will need to send the purchase invoice to Rointe.
(i) Repaired networks have a 5-year guarantee only. In no event will Rointe be responsible for the repair or replacement of damaged tiles during the repair of the network.
(ii) The replacement guarantee does not cover any other damage, misuse or improper installation due to improper adhesive or subsoil conditions. Limit one free replacement network per client or
(iii) Damage to the network that occurs after coating, such as lifting a damaged tile once the coating has been placed, or the movement of the subfloor causing damage to the floor, is not covered
by the replacement guarantee.

For help with the product or guarantee, please contact ROINTE by telephoning 0203 321 5929 for Technical Support or by email to support@rointe.co.uk.