For over 30 years we have manufactured high-quality electric radiators that stand out from the crowd. Since 1985 we have continuously researched and developed our method and design to create an extensive, above industry standard range of electric radiators at competitive prices.

The careful choice of components and materials in our radiators make them second to none. High purity aluminium, exclusive mineral thermal oil and armoured steel heating elements ensure maximum comfort and low consumption. The interior fin design favours natural air circulation to help reach the desired temperature in a limited amount of time.

Rointe – Lot20 compliant

All our radiators have been manufactured in compliance with the new Lot20 regulation of the ECODESIGN Directive. So you can easily identify them, they include a badge that shows their certification with these regulations. Want to know more about Lot20? Visit our dedicated website: www.ecodesignheating.com. If you have a specific question on Lot20, view our FAQs.

Advanced energy saving functions

As manufacturers, we are dedicated to helping our customers increase energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs in any way we can. Not only are our radiators Lot20 compliant, we’ve also incorporated a variety of energy saving functions into them to help.

In addition, all of our radiators include smart learning and incorporate a USER function. This allows you to set a limited temperature range with a minimum and maximum temperature for the Eco and Comfort modes. For example, setting 21ºC for the Comfort mode and 18ºC for the ECO mode, the user can only move between temperatures in this range. It’s a useful function for larger properties such as hotels and student residences, as it restricts the selectable temperatures and avoids energy waste.

The Open Windows function uses an advanced algorithm to anticipate the scenarios that decrease the temperature of a room e.g. an open window. When the product detects a 4ºC temperature drop within a 30 minute time period, it will automatically move into ANTI-FROST mode at 7-8ºC. This means efficient use and prevention of excessive consumption.


Developed and patented by us, this specialised low consumption technology takes energy optimisation to the next level. The technology will predict the amount of energy needed to reach the set temperature, maximising cost savings. Once the desired room temperature has been reached, it generates micro-cuts in the heating element to maintain a stable temperature with a variation of only +/- 0.25ºc.


With the Efficiency indicator, each radiator can verify and monitor its efficient use. Depending on the consumption, the radiator will display a coloured indicator: green for optimal efficiency, yellow if it exceeds normal efficiency and red if the radiator is working well above the estimated consumption. With this exclusive energy saving function, you can monitor your energy consumption per radiator and therefore maximise your efficiency and increase your savings.

The latest in advanced technology and electronics

All our radiators include the latest in advanced technology and electronics.

They are fitted with multi-layer circuits with ultra-low power microcontrollers that manage calculations and micro-breaks. Each radiator includes SMD technology, lithium batteries and triacs, along with a 1.77″ TFT screen.

In addition, each radiator incorporates energy-saving technologies, developed and patented by our R+D+I Department. They allow the room to be kept at a constant temperature without increasing energy consumption. These technologies generate a lower temperature fluctuation than other traditional heating systems due to micro-pulses that send the correct amount of energy required at any specific moment. This produces only a +/- 0.07ºC variation in the ambient temperature to increase efficiency and ultimately, save you money.

Perfectly balanced

The fluid used in our radiators is an exclusive high heat transfer mineral oil with a high thermal stability & no corrosion risk.

With a thermal conductivity of 209W/(m*k), our aluminium has the best price/conductivity ratio on the market that favours air circulation.

Our radiators ensure the surface temperature does not exceed 43ºC (once reached steady working rate). The heat is distributed evenly throughout the radiator surface with no burn risk.

Optimised design

Designed to offer maximum comfort, our radiators utilise natural air convection and include 110 watts per element with an electrical steel resistor (excluding our conservatory range). A controlled watt per element design guarantees a low contact temperature, so the radiator is suitable for any environment (e.g. residential or commercial).

The 110 W/element provides a balanced transmission of heat, compared to other radiators that consume between 125 and 160 W/element and are less thermally balanced. This proportion is calculated by our R+D department and proven to be the ideal amount needed for heating a room. The correct proportion includes the climate coefficient of your geographical area in its formula.

With our unique design, cold air is introduced at the bottom of the radiator and raises its temperature by passing through the interior of the element and expelling at the top as warm air. This creates a heated air circulation with an airspeed of 0.1m/s and allows a constant room temperature with a small variation of only +/-0.25ºC.

Connected controls in the palm of your hand

Our radiators can be controlled 24 hours, 7 days a week from the product screen itself. They can also be programmed through the use of our infrared AIR Control or BASIC Control remotes. The AIR Control allows easy programming plus sending or receiving commands from the radiator. With the BASIC Control, which was designed for quick use, the options are simplified by the 4 pre-installed program buttons.

In addition to the infrared interface, our premium D Series range has a WiFi module incorporated, allowing the radiators to be controlled via WiFi from the Rointe Connect app. With the free Rointe Connect app your smartphone, tablet or PC will work as a switchboard for easy control of your installation meaning you can adjust temperatures, lock the products remotely and control the expenditure on a daily basis anytime, anywhere.

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