KYROS 15 elements Electric Radiator
KYROS 1600 15 elements radiator radiador
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KYROS 15 elements Electric Radiator

Low consumption digital electric radiator – 1.600W


Rointe KYROS, higher performance, lower consumption, now with navigation menus for improved control of your heating.

A new range of possibilities unfolds before you thanks to the incorporation of navigation through menus of access in all the products of the range KYROS. Controls all
the features of your system in the easiest way.

Rointe offers you the opportunity to enjoy the most complete and modern radiator, with a compact finish, a current line and Fuzzy Logic Energy Control patented technology, which allows to obtain an equivalent coefficient of consumption of only 38% of its nominal power.

The Fuzzy Logic Energy Control patented technology, natural evolution of its predecessor Optimizer Energy Plus, manages in a quicker and more effective way the start up of the heating element, thanks to a more precise control of the calculation of the energy necessary to reach the setpoint of the established temperature.

20 years warranty
Rointe guarantees the electric radiators of the range KYROS in 20 years on the aluminum body and in 3 years on electrical and electronic components.


Fuzzy Logic Energy Control
Infrared Control


Low consumptionFuzzy Logic Energy Control: Low consumption technology

End panelsOdd product with end panels on both sides

DissipationOptimized design for maximum dissipation

SMD ElectronicsSMD electronics with micro ULP8, lithium and triac battery

Optimal compensationOptimal compensation 110 watts / element

User modeUser mode: possibility to limit working temperatures

TFT display1.77 inches TFT display Optimal viewing from any angle

Wireless communicationWireless communication mediante infrarrojos

KeyboardTotal control through integrated control panel

Visual MenusProduct functionality accessible by visual menus

Open windows function“Open Windows” energy saving function

Open windows functionProgrammable 24/7 from the radiator itself

Open windows functionSafety thermostat

Open windows functionSurface temperature of 40ºC during the stationary period**

Open windows functionScreen brightness control

Open windows functionEco / Comfort / Antifrost modes

Open windows functionTemperature stability (variations with an accuracy of ± 0.25 ° C)

Open windows functionAir speed (< 0,1 m/s)

Open windows functionIncludes template and Installation Kit

Technical drawings

Radiator technical drawing KYROS

Technical information

Product Reference
A – Width
1,330 mm
B – Height
580 mm
C – Depth
98 mm
D – Installed Depth
120 mm
32.1 kg
Weight with packaging
33.2 kg
White RAL 9010
Nominal Power
1,600 W
Effective power*
608 W
230 V ~
7.0 A
Power per element
110 W
Protection grade
EAN Code

* Difference of 6.3% between former Rointe technology Optimizer Energy Plus and new Fuzzy Logic Energy Control. *Value obtained by technological centres in a climatic chamber comparing two Rointe radiators, one with Optimizer Energy Plus technology and one with Fuzzy Logic Energy Control under the same parameters defined in the test. With Fuzzy Logic Energy Control the average power consumed by the radiator represents only 38% of its nominal power. That is what it defines as the equivalent coefficient of consumption. If we multiply the nominal power by the equivalent coefficient of consumption we obtain the effective power.

** Average surface temperature obtained with the radiator temperature set at 21ºC.


Rointe Quality Certificate
– kB

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