The best electric heating system for hotels

As a hotel, your primary concern is the comfort of your guests. There are hundreds of ways you can contribute to a positive experience in your establishment, starting with creating a warm and comforting environment. Choosing a heating system for hotels can be tough, especially as you’ll want to find a solution that is cost-effective, stylish and convenient but doesn’t take away from guest satisfaction.

With the D Series range from Rointe, you can offer your guests a luxurious experience at a limited cost. The range consists of radiators, towel rails and water heaters that all include Fuzzy Logic Energy Control® technology to efficiently manage the energy consumption of the product. In addition, with an integrated Wi-Fi module, this new range allows the user to control all the features from the D Series range together or individually from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

What are the benefits of electric heating for hotels?

Electric heating is incredibly versatile as it can be used for both air and water products. With effective and fast electrical components, new innovative thermal elements and amazing state-of-the-art programming features, electric heating will allow you to manage your energy usage and give you the power to considerably cut your heating costs. Here are 3 benefits why electric heating is fast becoming the go-to heating solution:

  1. Safe and reliable

With the safety of your guests the utmost importance, electric heating can eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide or explosions that burning fossil fuels generates. You also don’t have to worry about leaking radiators that could result in damage to your property.

  1. Green Energy

No matter how you look at it, electric heating is far more beneficial to the environment than other types of heating. Unlike coal, combustion doesn’t need to occur in order for heat to be generated. There’s no carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, zero local emissions and it enables you to preserve the integrity of natural resources such as wood.

  1. Lifetime value:

Cost is an important factor to consider when choosing any element for your hotel, including the money used to heat the rooms and any hidden maintenance costs. With electric heating, it’s much cheaper to install and can last up to 50% longer than the average gas system. You also won’t need to worry about regular maintenance or annual inspections, eliminating any hidden maintenance costs.

Above all else, electricity is 100% efficient. Meaning that the money you put into heating a room in your establishment is worth 100% of the investment.

Why choose the new D Series heating range?

The D Series range includes radiators, towel rails and water heaters so your entire heating needs can be met with just one range. Every product in this new range includes:

  • Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology – Developed and patented by Rointe, this specialized low consumption technology allows highly efficient use of the energy and stabilizes the temperature within a variation of only +/- 0.25oc.
  • Integrated connectivity – The integrated Wi-Fi module in each product allows you to connect an entire installation without intermediate gateways. The high power Wi-Fi modules can reach up to 100m without obstacles and our servers have a reliability of over 99%.
  • Compatibility with Rointe Connect With the free Rointe Connect app your smartphone, tablet or PC will work as a switchboard for easy control of your installation meaning you can adjust temperatures, lock the products remotely and control the expenditure on a daily basis from reception, your office or on the go. With the app, you can divide the property by rooms, floors or bespoke zones and can control to suit your needs. You can program activation before check-in and program an automatic shutoff when your guest’s check out, maximising your energy savings.
  • Real-time monitoring The app also allows you to view the True Real Power (real-time energy consumption reports) by day, month or year along with the ability to configure different kWh prices for each hour of the day. It will also send warnings, notifications and recommendations direct to your device so you can save on consumption using this in-depth information.
  • Different finishes to suit your décor – All the products in the D Series range are available in a wide choice of colours and finishes, including RAL colours so you can choose the style that suits your hotel interior. There are also a variety of sizes to fit each room.

Which heating products can I choose from?


Our D Series radiators are designed to give the most natural air circulation in a room to help reach the desired temperature in a limited amount of time. Since the average hotel can spend upwards of £1688.39 per hotel room each year on energy alone, the faster a room can be heated the less expensive it becomes. With a new curved design, front dissipation wings that favour natural air convection and made from high quality 100% aluminium, these radiators are designed with hotels in mind.

Towel rails

Our D Series towel rails are the perfect complement for any sized bathroom. Available in a range of finishes including white, graphite and chrome, they’ll fit seamlessly into your décor.

They have a resistance between 300 and 750 W, which helps to ensure that the unit heats quickly and retains heat for longer. The towel rails are easy to install with wall anchors close to the side of the body meaning it´s easier to hang towels and clothing and also include a 2-hour boost mode allowing the unit to operate at maximum power for up to 2 hours for that added touch.

An accessory range is also available for all the products listed above including protective grills for the radiators and towel racks and hangers for our towel rails.

Water heaters

Our D Series unvented water heaters are the ideal solution to complete your system. From special enamel to protect the interior to two heating elements connected in a parallel circuit, Rointe ensures the function of our water heaters under any circumstance. With 5 models ranging from 50 litres to 200 litres, you can choose the one that best meets your needs. They also incorporate a progress function so you can see the available water the heater is able to supply at any given time and an anti-legionella function to protect the system against these bacteria.

All of our products include a guarantee and comply with all national and international regulations for heating products meaning you have peace of mind that any of our products in your hotel are of the highest quality.


Choose the Rointe D Series connected heating system and have complete control of your entire heating installation in the palm of your hand. Find your local installer here or contact us for more information.

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