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Rointe launches Heating isn’t just an essential item in a home, it provides comfort and well-being as well as warmth. That’s why for over 30 years we’ve created cutting-edge electric heating solutions that everyone can own. Quite simply, we develop the electric heating systems that we would install into our own homes. And now we've launched our very own online shop,, where you can browse and buy your favourite products online. Choose from energy efficient electric radiators to [...]

Rointe at Aquatherm Moscow 2018

Rointe at AQUATHERM MOSCOW 2018 We’re delighted to announce we are part of the 2018 Aquatherm event in Moscow. It’s our first year participating in this important event, but after starting our successful journey into the Russian and Eurasian heating market last year, we knew we couldn’t miss it. Aquatherm, Moscow is the leading Russian event in heating systems, water supply, engineering and plumbing, air conditioning and ventilation. It’s a key commercial platform for the latest developments, products and information [...]

Electrical safety tips and advice

Electrical safety tips and advice 150 years ago, domestic electricity was not a concept, let alone available at the flick of a switch. Now, we all take electricity for granted and it's part of our everyday lives. Modern living means using more electrical appliances in the home. Televisions, DVD player, radio, microwave, computers and games consoles are prevalent in most homes and as a result, we often forget how dangerous it can be. Product misuse is the top cause of [...]

A property investors guide to electric heating solutions

Which heating solutions should property investors choose? Traditionally, the hotspots for property investors were always London and Manchester. However, 2018 is set to see change for buy-to-let investors, whom will look at smaller regional areas with lower prices but good prospects thanks to regeneration. After purchasing the development, renovations begin and investors often wonder which heating solution they should use. It´s an important question that carries implications for the energy efficiency of the property, the potential profitability and tenants desires. [...]

Towel Rails – Heating solutions for your bathroom

Choosing the right towel rails for your home There are plenty of heating solutions you can choose from when it comes to upgrading the comfort of your home. In bathrooms, towel rails can be one of the best options. As well as underfloor heating, they help to create a warm and inviting environment. Not to mention they can also be used to keep your towels warm even on the coldest of days. Our towel rails are surely something to use [...]

Lot20 Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your Lot20 frequently asked questions Energy efficiency is the main topic on the minds of both manufacturers and installers, as well as the consumer. In EU households, heating and hot water alone account for 79% of total final energy use. These products generate an environmental impact that we all want to reduce. With so much energy used across the continent, it´s not surprising to see new regulations in force to ensure manufacturers comply with the same set [...]

Advice for damp, mould and mildew

Damp, mould and mildew - everything you need to know With gale force winds and never-ending rain, the UK winter can wreak havoc on homes and properties around the country. Wind-blown roofs, slippery paths and gutters full of leaves are a common problem during the coldest months of the year. Not to mention unwelcome visitors. We're not talking about trick or treaters or Christmas carollers here. We´re talking damp, mould and mildew. It's estimated that 1 in 18 properties in [...]

Easy integrated heating solutions

Our connected heating network solution There are plenty of things that go into creating a warm and comfortable home. The first being a reliable heating system. Considering over 8 million people in the UK turned their heating on earlier this year than ever before, having a sufficient heating system is of the utmost importance. Not only that, but you’ll also require an efficient heating solution that can help you to cut costs. We not only offer an abundance of heating [...]

Perfect partners for the educational sector

The perfect partner for the educational sector Universities throughout Europe can spend an average of £8.10 per square metre for heating. Considering the vast majority of educational institutions are quite large in size, that’s a substantial expense to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building. With that being said, it’s important to consider all options in terms of lowering the monthly costs associated with utilities. This helps to not only lower operational costs but on fees charged to students as [...]

NEW underfloor heating solutions

Rointe launches new electric underfloor heating range Underfloor heating is a great space-saving alternative to traditional heating and a cost-effective way to heat your home, as well as a nice treat for your feet! There is growing demand in Europe, particularly colder climates like the UK, for invisible alternative heating solutions. Underfloor heating can take the chill away from cold bathroom floors and provide a gentle, even and reassuring warmth to hardwood or laminated floors. Traditionally, underfloor heating was created [...]

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