Efficient heating solutions for your attic conversion

Opting for a loft extension can give you more usable space in your home. Although it can help to add square footage, it can also be an expensive project as the average cost of a loft extension is £20,000.

There are plenty of things you’ll need to think about with the build, such as how you’ll heat the space during the winter months and how to save costs on construction. By choosing an easy to use and affordable heating solution, you can save money instead of spending more on adding extra square footage to your home.

What is a loft extension/attic conversion?

Much like its name suggests, a loft extension is essentially taking a loft or an attic and transforming it into a usable room. Depending on your daily activities, you may want to turn your loft into a gym, nursery, playroom or even an entertainment space for the entire family. It’s a project that will take an ample amount of planning in terms of choosing décor and aesthetic finishes, but you also need to take the basics into account, such as heating.

Benefits of using Rointe heating systems in a loft extension:

Much like having to consider heating solutions for the main areas of your home, your loft will need temperature control as well. Rointe makes it much easier than you could ever imagine and at an affordable cost that every homeowner can agree on. Heating the average home makes up about 42% of your utility bills and so finding an affordable heating solution is more important than ever.

The installation of Rointe electric heating for your attic is effortless. No pipes, tubes or water are needed during the installation. Easily installed wall mounted electric radiators that look fantastic and can be installed within a matter of hours. Some of the most prevalent benefits of Rointe heating include:

  • Improving the value of your home

When you list your home on the market, you need to make sure it’s readily available for buyers. Approximately 68% of all home purchases in the coming years will be from Millennials who are less likely to want to deal with old and out-dated heating systems. In fact, the majority of millennials are going to be searching for the latest and greatest technological advances in their homes.

Considering that Rointe offers a highly advanced smart heating system, it can be a huge selling point for your house. With the ability to pair all of your products, including towel rails, radiators and underfloor heating solutions, to a single smart device for easy controls. It will surely be a feature that will boost the value of your home. Not to mention it will make it much easier to sell.

  • Reducing costs of adding heating to your loft space

Not only are Rointe solutions available at competitive prices, they also help to significantly reduce the amount of money you’re spending on heating every month. How? The answer is simple, by offering energy-efficient solutions that every home should be taking advantage of.

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control, an advanced and patented technology from Rointe, gives each component of your heating system the ability to use less energy to offer the same amount of heat as traditional heating sources. Homeowners are able to save up to 62% of the energy that their homes use on a yearly basis.

Fuzzy Logic Control enables your home to reach the perfect temperature of 21ºC by only using 38% of the equivalent ratio of consumption. The towel rails, radiators and underfloor heating systems are optimized to ensure you achieve the maximum dissipation of heat. This can be compared to other types of forced-air devices that will continually use power to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

  • Stylish, innovative heating solutions

All of the heating solutions from Rointe are designed to make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Instead of dealing with the traditional appearance of loft radiators that can take away from the décor in your home, there are customisation options that everyone will love.

For example, both the D Series and KYROS heating lines are available in an assortment of colours including white, graphite and RAL colours (28 different shades). So you can choose the perfect finish to compliment the style of any room in your home. It’s also important to note that Rointe underfloor heating is designed to adapt to any type of flooring, meaning that you won’t have to worry about choosing specific flooring materials to accommodate your heating system.

  • Creating a smart heating system

Technology has never been more important than it is today to help you save on heating. A generic “smart” thermostat or radiator control can cut up to 30% of your heating costs alone. With the Rointe Connect App, you have the ability to revolutionise your existing heating system into an exclusive customisable experience.

The Rointe Connect App enables you to connect all of your heating devices to your smartphone, tablet, or computer so you can create a control panel. Within the control panel, you can review the amount of energy each unit consumes, set timers for when the heating should turn on and off and manually adjust the temperature from anywhere with an internet connection.  Imagine you can control the heating in your home from miles away!

Above all else, Rointe’s smart heating system helps you to save more money as you can opt to turn the heaters off when you’re away from home and have them turn on when you’re coming back from work. It gives you the hands-on tools you need to make the most out of your radiators, towel rails and underfloor heating.

  • Living in a healthier environment

With over 150 million Europeans that suffer from chronic allergies, it’s never been more important to have healthy breathing air when you are looking to heat your loft space. With Rointe heating, you’ll surely appreciate its anti-allergy features. The intricate anti-allergy components work together to prevent the circulation of pollen and dust by eliminating the need for forced air.

Rointe’s heating solutions rely on convection and radiation, which is the perfect combination to prevent allergy particles from circulating through your home. You’ll finally have the ability to keep dust where it belongs, away from you.

Your choice of Rointe heating solutions

As mentioned, there are 3 main heating solutions available from Rointe (less their unvented water heaters) that would be perfect for your loft extension. From attic radiators to underfloor heating, you can create the most comfortable environment not only for your latest addition but also for your entire home.


There are 2 lines of radiators available from Rointe: the D-Series and KYROS. With the average radiator costing approximately 10-15p/kWh, it’s important to find energy efficient models to help you save more.

  • D Series: Designed to give homeowners natural air circulation to help their property reach the perfect temperature in record time, the D Series radiators are a great choice. They offer a high-quality design constructed out of aluminium which offers a stylish appeal that is unmatched by competing radiators. You’ll also appreciate its features including Fuzzy Logic Energy Control, Wi-Fi connectivity, Rointe Connect app compatibility, ability to view True Real Power (energy consumption reports in real time) and more.
  • KYROS: The KYROS range is the ideal radiator for high-quality air distribution and a sleek and stylish appearance. With the combination of Fuzzy Energy Logic Control and 4 pre-installed programmes, you can make the most out of your loft heating. The KYROS line offers standard and short versions to help fit the radiators into even the tightest spaces and infrared communication. You can also opt to purchase the infrared Basic remote or the AIR remote control as well to easily program your radiator at any time.

Towel Rails:

Bathroom heating is just as important as heating any other room in your home, particularly if you’re adding a bathroom into your loft extension. Towel rails can also help you to save a minimum of  £155.82 per year on heating costs.

With the ability to choose from chrome, white or forge effect black, the unit will be the aesthetic touch you’ve always needed. Available in the D Series and KYROS, the towel rails offer an extensive list of features.

  • OPEN WINDOWS mode: In the event that the bathroom experiences a drop in temperature of 4ºC in less than 30 minutes, your towel rail will automatically switch to the energy efficient ANTI-FROST mode.
  • 2-Hour Boost: For quick heating, the 2-hour boost engages the towel rail to operate at its maximum power for up to 2 hours to provide continuous heat.
  • Rointe Connect app: Similar to the radiators, the free Rointe Connect app gives you the ability to turn the towel rails on and off, review real-time usage statistics and customise your heating schedules.

Underfloor Heating:

Underfloor heating isn’t a new concept, but it’s certainly a luxurious feature that is becoming more affordable as homeowners experience its benefits. With the ability to forego the need for radiators and towel rails, underfloor heating can maximise the comfort of your loft extension in a matter of minutes. Underfloor solutions are also 30% more efficient than forced-air as they rely on radiant heat.

There are 3 main products in Rointe’s new underfloor heating range and they offer their own array of benefits.

  • ATRIA Ultra-thin: With BEAB approved heating elements, it´s the thinnest underfloor heating solution on the market. Suitable for ceramic flooring, this solution is super thin and won´t raise floor levels. The bi-conductive cabling is only 1.88mm thick and has earth protection using copper wire – more resistant than the standard aluminium.
    The ATRIA system is fitted quickly and 100% adaptable to any type of room. The fine adhesive covers the whole surface meaning the mesh can attach to uneven areas and ensure that no part comes free when laying tiles over the top.
  • MILOS PVC:  Suitable for ceramic flooring, this system combines PTFE interior insulation with PVC exterior insulation. The interior insulation supports higher temperatures than the FEP Teflon/PVC, whilst the exterior is more flexible than PVDF/silicone.
    The MILOS PVC system has 3.5mm bi-conductive cabling on a fibreglass mesh and there’s no need to raise the floor level when installing.
  • ERKO Foil: A super-thin system protected with earth wire. This is ideal for normal shaped rooms when the 0.5m wide sheets are placed in parallel, without the need for connectors between them. You can install the ERKO foil system underneath a range of different floor surfaces such as laminate, wooden, carpet, vinyl or linoleum.

When it’s time to take on such a large project as a loft extension, you’re going to want to cut costs wherever possible. Instead of opting for lower quality solutions, Rointe gives you the ability to not only save when creating your loft extension but to save on heating costs over the years as well. Their products are reliable, stylish and incredibly user-friendly, making them the perfect solution for any home.


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