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Rointe Connect is the App allows complete control of the heating System and D Series Water heaters. Ease of use, at all times, from anywhere.

Usage Summary

Now you can see just how efficient your heating system is!

Here is the main screen of E·fficiency, where you can view the most relevant data about your heating usage and at a glance:

  • Daily, monthy and annual consumption of your installation in € and kWh*
  • Effective power consumed in relation to the nominal power installed
  • Daily, monthly and annual total accumulated savings**
  • Traffic of data consumed by your heating devices

* Measuring made on tests developed by the independent labs, under stable and controlled conditions, and with a variability percentage on the result. The showed value can change depending on the net availability or other values. Rointe is not responsible that these variations affect the result. To guarantee a correct measuring there must be Internet connection at all times, because just a disconnection would mean wrong results. For more information, check the terms and conditions of E·fficiency on the Rointe Connect App.

** The value showed in SAVING screen adds the individual savings of each product. This saving value is the Available Power, which is obtained deducting the Effective Power value and multiplying the result by the price of kWh and usage hour.

Global Energy Indicator

E·fficiency shows how efficient you are when using your heating system.

With a scale of three colours – red, yellow and green – E·fficiency illustrates the relation between Consumption, Temperature, active Programs and function periods, to analyse the Energy performance of your system. This performance can be unbalanced (red), to review (yellow) or efficient (green).

Consumption Statistics

Customised Statistics show the real energy consumption of the installation or product per hour, daily or monthly.


Cost Statistics

By entering the cost (in €) of the kWh, its possible to view the real cost of the daily, monthly or yearly heating expenditure.


Temperature Statistics

Here its possible to view the temperature evolution.


Accumulated Saving*

This screen shows the accumulated savings of Rointe D Series Radiators in comparison with other electric heating systems.

* The showing value SAVING adds the individual savings of each product of the system. This savings mean the Available Power, which is obtained by subtracting the Effective Power value to the Nominal Power and then multiplying the result by the kWh price and usage hours.


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