What is Rointe Connect?

Complete smart control of your heating system from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Rointe Connect is the control application for our radiators and towel rails that make up the D Series Wi-Fi connected range. Designed for easy management and suitable for every type of user, Rointe Connect gives you complete control of your heating system, anytime, anywhere. It puts the comfort of your home in the palm of your hand.

From this moment on, your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC will become your central switchboard for easy control and monitoring. You’ll be able to adjust the temperature of each connected product individually, view real-time consumption reports along with costs and lock each product remotely.

Available for smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC.

Android 4.0 and iOS 8.0 systems or higher.

Helpful installation wizard to guide you through process.

For D Series range and SMART Touch thermostat.

Adjust temperature of individual products.

Complete control for your home, business or project.

Lock individual products remotely.

Multiple products/installations from 1 device.

Program different kWh prices per hour.

Adapt to changes with the 14-day weather forecast.

Alerts and notifications direct to your device.

Real-time consumption, temperature & costs.



With the e·fficiency function, you can see data about your heating usage including:

  • Real-time consumption by day, month or year.
  • Effective power consumed in relation to nominal power.
  • Accumulated savings* by day, month or year.
  • Real cost** by day, month or year.
  • Energy consumed by your heating system.
  • Temperature evolution of each product.


*The value showed in SAVING screen adds the individual savings of each product. This saving value is the Available Power, which is obtained by deducting the Effective Power value and multiplying the result by the price of kWh and usage hour.
**By entering the cost (in €) of the kWh, its possible to view the real cost of the daily, monthly or yearly heating expenditure.

Leading the way for heating automation

Unlike other heating solutions, our exclusive e·life technology is the first in the world to allow direct communication between your Wi-Fi and Rointe integrated heating systems. Each D Series product contains an individual built-in Wi-Fi module with e·life technology to connect directly to your Wi-Fi with high-speed transmission. You won’t need additional gateways, routers or terminals as each product is independent of another and connects separately. So if one fails, the problem is isolated and does not affect any other product in your heating installation.

With real-time synchronisation and the fastest responding system on the market, any change made via Rointe Connect updates instantly in your product. All you need to do is install the D Series heating system, download Rointe Connect for free and connect your products to your smartphone for complete individual control. It couldn’t be easier!

Complete heating control
Product connects directly to Wi-Fi router without gateways or additional configuration. High-speed data transmission to products when changes are made. All products updated immediately for your comfort.

Real-time synchronisation
Data sent securely and encrypted via the internet to our reliable servers in the cloud. Our servers have a reliability rating of 99.9%. Data sent directly from your device to connected heating product.

Anytime, anywhere
Make changes to your heating system and view real-time consumption reports from your device (smartphone, tablet or computer) 24/7, at any location. Easily manage product activation, temperature control and consumption.

Download for free today

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