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With a simple design and easy use, Rointe Connect is the App which allows the complete management of your heating system and D Series A.C.S via Internet.

What is Rointe Connect?

Rointe Connect App allows the complete control of your Heating System

Designed for easy management, suited to every type of user.  Rointe Connect offers many benefits:
individual control of the D Series products, creation and control of multiple installations from just one App, having the ability to control the heating management of a house and an office in the same App- the ability to configure of as many products or zones as you need in each installation, etc.

Rointe Connect App available here:

Furthermore, the Statistical Information Screens offer all the data you will need to view and manage of the economic expenditure of the installation. Below, you can see some examples:

Access to the App

Rointe Connect can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS, or Google Play for Android. It is also accessible from

Installation Assistant

You can create as many installations as you want, and then proceed with the D Series products we want to include.

My Installations

We have access to every installation, zone or product previously added to the system.

Temperature Control

We can control the temperature and advanced functions of the installation, zones or products. We can also program them and schedule the heating system as we like.

Consumption Statistics

Now you can see just how efficient your heating system is!

From the Rointe Connect app you will have access to the E·fficiency function, where you can see the consumption data (in kWh or €) of your heating system, among other data about your heating usage:

  • Daily, monthy and annual consumption of your installation in € and kWh*
  • Effective power consumed in relation to the nominal power installed
  • Daily, monthly and annual total accumulated savings**
  • Traffic of data consumed by your heating devices
More about E·fficiency

Download Rointe Connect or go to the web:

E·life Technology,
automation of your heating

The exclusive E-Life Technology guarantees maximum control of your heating system and D Series water heaters, facilitating the management and control of every function for the user, delivering the greatest comfort and the maximum efficiency.

Direct Communication System

E·Life Technology only needs a WiFi connection to work.

Servers in the cloud with no connection limit on devices.

The information from each installations is stored on safe, secure servers.

The system is designed for multiple platforms*

With iOS, Android and web platforms.

*iOS 7.0 or superior, Android 4.0 or superior and recent stable versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

E·Life Technology is the first direct communication system with real-time synchronisation applied to the heating world.

Due to the fast response of the E·Life Technology communications protocol, any change made via the Rointe Connect App updates the D Series products instantly. This characteristic makes Rointe’s D Series Products the fastest responding heating system on the market.

Direct communication from your smartphone or tablet to your D Series system thanks to the wifi-inside technology

Unlike other heating systems the connection of each E-Life product is independent and direct thanks to the Wi-Fi Inside technology, which does not require any intermediate terminal.

This individual and immediate connection of every D Series product guarantees complete control of the heating system.

Furthermore, it does not depend on any external element, so the user just needs to connect the smartphone or tablet and through the Rointe Connect App he or she will control the D Series heating system. That couldn’t be easier!

Download the Rointe Connect App:

How does the E-Life System work?

Final User

From a smartphone, tablet or computer, anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection, the user is able to access the Rointe Connect App and have complete control the D Series heating system.

Security in the Cloud

The data is sent encrypted securely via Internet to our servers in the cloud, where they are collected and resent to the D Series products and are updated instantly.

D Series products

All the products where the user has made any modification are updated immediately, so the user finds a very comfortable environment, previously selected, when he or she arrives home.

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