BASIC Control

BASIC Control
Remote Control

This new remote
makes programming easier.

Rointe presents the BASIC Control, a easy-to-use remote control that includes 4 quick access keys that access the 4 different pre-installed schedules developed by Rointe

Save electricity by programming your heating products

This new Basic control was created especially to facilitate the use and programming of our systems by senior citizens. Nevertheless, it is appropriate for all users who want to control their systems easily, without complications, applying preset programs without having to spend time programming the product. Although these are preset programs, it is possible to customise them easily to adapt them to fit our lifestyles.

 This remote control device allows the selection of pre-installed programs via the remote control to all products with infrared. Complete control, with the press of a button.

Rapid programming keys

Rointe’s BASIC Control has a simplified nine button keyboard. With these buttons, you can select the pre-installed programs, as well as control the temperature and see the active modes of the configuration.

In addition, from the same remote, you can modify the pre-installed programs and apply this to all the products that make up your Rointe digital heating system.  Remember that the proper programming of your products is fundamental to achieving the maximum in energy savings.

Unidirectional infrared communication

Rointe’s BASIC Control has a wireless infrared connection. This simplified control device sends the preinstalled programs to the products with only the push of a button, easy to use!

In addition, the BASIC Control allows the restriction of the control panel of any Rointe product with infrared remotely.  This function prevents others from manually modifying the established programming or temperature and misusing the product.

TFT Screen

Rointe’s BASIC Control incorporates a 1.77 inch TFT screen, which all the vital information with the utmost clarity from any angle of vision. In addition, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, in ON mode – when activated by the user – or in Standby.

The TFT screen allows a clear view of all modes, functions, and active programs, as well as consumption time, battery level o the software version and nominal and effective power of any product in the system.

The easiest way to program your products

The new BASIC Control includes 4 quick access buttons for each of the pre-installed programs, with the push of a button, you can select the program that best fits your particular needs. In this way, Rointe removes the need to program your heating system and saves you time.

4 programs for 4 lifestyles

Rointe has carried out a study into the different usage rates of heating systems according to the user, choosing among the four most common timetables to prepare the presets programs according to your lifestyle. Easy to select and edit. Adaptable to every lifestyle. Accessible via the product menu or from the new BASIC Control.

Common lifestyle

The heating works in Eco Mode in the morning, from the moment you leave home to go to work.

Split shift

Preset designed for workers who come home at lunch time and return to work in the afternoon.

Home lifestyle

The heating system keeps a stable temperature throughout the day. Ideal for the elderly and people who spend the majority of their time at home.


Ideal for businesses and offices where most activities are carried out in the morning.

Technical Specifications


Model: Width x Height x Depth
(A) 58mm x (B) 155mm x (C) 16mm

Mechanical characteristics

Product weight: 108 gr.
Functional temperature range: -20 a 55 ºC
Material: PC/ABS
Available finishes: White RAL 9010

Electrical characteristics

Power: 3Vdc
Battery: 2 x 1.5 AAA


Wireless via infrared
Send – Range: 3m


TFT (1.77”) Screen
24/7 Programmability
Manual/Automatic Function
Remote memory block – Heater and water heater
Clear program memory
Viewing nominal and effective power
Viewing consumption time, software version and battery level
Ability to reset initial setup
Screen brightness control

Applicable Regulations