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Coping with the effects of “Spring Forward”

The clocks are set to change this weekend as the time to "spring forward" is almost here. Every year, billions of us around the world observe the ritual of winding our clocks back in Autumn and forward in Spring. In the UK, we observe Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in the [...]

New Rointe distribution centre in Dublin

Rointe heating are excited to announce the opening of our new distribution facility, situated within the Dublin Bluebell Industrial Estate. Strategically located, the investment in this Distribution Centre reflects the continuous expansion of our business and increasing customer demand in the Irish market. “We’re thrilled to open a new Distribution [...]

Introducing new features for the heating season

Rointe introduces new features At Rointe, we are committed to you. We believe that everyone needs efficient and affordable heating and it gives us great satisfaction to offer a wide range of energy efficient, digital products that fit our customers' need for warmth and comfort. That’s why we have introduced [...]

Calculate your heating needs

Let us help you calculate15 your electric heating needs When purchasing a heating appliance from us, it is important to remember that the success of our electric heating systems is down to the correct sizing of the products. In order to achieve maximum comfort and energy efficiency, several factors are considered, [...]

Your A to Z guide on Rointe

Your A to Z guide on Rointe and electrical jargon Here at Rointe, we do our best to explain to customers exactly what we're doing and why we're doing it, but there's no escaping the jargon you may sometimes hear. To help ensure you're never left out in the [...]

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology

Take energy optimisation to the next level with ECO energy saving technology All Rointe products include patented energy-saving technologies, developed exclusively by our electric heating experts, to increase your savings without reducing comfort. We call it Fuzzy Logic Energy Control. Developed by us, Fuzzy Logic Energy Control improves the energy management required [...]

Affordable ways to reinvent your bathroom

Many of us dream of having a beautiful spa-like bathroom that visitors will be envious of, but with the average cost of a new bathroom in the UK around £3,000 to £5,000, it’s an expense that we repeatedly put off. If you think reinventing your bathroom is only for those [...]


IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON OUR D SERIES & KYROS WATER HEATERS We're launching a brand new range of water heaters at the end of Summer 2018. Here at Rointe, we firmly believe that advanced technology, combined with quality materials and smart controls, maximises energy savings for every user. That's why [...]

A useful guide to register your Rointe product

Step-by-step guide to registering your product Thank you for purchasing from Rointe. We hope you are thrilled with your new heating appliance. Now it’s time to register your product in order to validate your guarantee. Here we explain the process with our step-by-step guide. What you will need: Your product [...]

Why you should choose electric heating over gas

Electric heating vs. gas central heating systems Do you often wonder which type of heating solution you should use? You should because it's an important question that carries implications for the energy efficiency of your home or property. For a long time, gas was considered the cheapest way of heating [...]

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