Youth hostel

in Soho, London

“Fashionable heating for the contemporary traveller.”

This bright and modern hostel, based in Central London, wanted to
replace their dangerous panel heaters for the health and safety of
their guests, and to match with the interior décor of the property.

The electrical installer recommended the Rointe D Series system for
its low surface temperature, design and longest guarantee on the market.

Based on the requirements, the D Series radiator in graphite was
installed for a modern, bold finish to match the rooms. Due to the
balance between the heating components, the surface temperature of
these radiators does not exceed 43ºC, meaning the safety of the
guests was ensured.

The hostel owners were impressed with the 20-year guarantee offered
on the D Series radiator, along with the finished installation in
graphite. They also now had peace of mind that the surface temperature
of these radiators would not harm their guests and were delighted with
the added benefit of remote temperature locking from reception using
their smartphone and PC.

Project owner
Youth hostel
Soho, London
Heating system installed
D Series (graphite)
No. products installed

The D Series radiator is an ecological heating solution that not only respects the environment; it ensures the safety of its users. With a low surface temperature of 43ºC, it eliminates the risk of burns – something this project owner required.

“As we offer stylish, clean and secure accommodation for the modern traveller, we wanted to update our heating to match our target customer. We needed a radiator that would visually stand out from the crowd to match our funky décor and that offered a safe temperature.” 

– Youth hostel in Soho