MMU student accommodation

in Crewe, Cheshire

“Cutting-edge technology for student living.”

Manchester Metropolitan University provides safe and comfortable
accommodation to their students. They pride themselves on offering
a homely experience, but during the refurbishment of one of the halls
of residence, the project owners realised they needed to replace the
old panel heaters currently in situ.

These panel heaters were expensive to run and did not retain heat.
This meant that they cooled very quickly, significant costs were
spent on heating, leaving the owners out of pocket, and the students
left out in the cold.

To replace the inefficient panel heating system, we recommended our
Kyros radiators, which include patented low consumption technology:
Fuzzy Logic Energy Control. This innovative technology improves the
energy management required to maintain a stable and comfortable
temperature, reducing energy demand.

Thanks to high heat transfer fluid and cutting-edge technology, the
students now enjoy warmth that is energy efficient, sustainable
and economical.

Project owner
MMU student residence
Crewe, Cheshire
Heating system installed
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The installation of the Kyros heating system with low consumption technology meant that heat could now be transferred in the student rooms efficiently for warmth and comfort, without increasing costs, important for busy young lifestyles.

“The panel heating system in our student residences was expensive to run and not at all efficient. We turned to Rointe to help solve our heating needs and install an efficient system we, and our students, would love.” 

– MMU student residence