Restaurant headquarters

in Leicester, Midlands

“Complete comfort for employee well-being.”

This famous restaurant chain encourages good conditions for their employees,
so when they renovated their staff rooms and needed a quality heating system,
they turned to the trusted name in electric heating – Rointe. Their office design
company recommended us to these project owners after installing Rointe systems
in their own offices.

The previous system used air conditioning to heat the spaces. This was
ineffective due to a single heat release site above one location, so the heat was
not transferred to the surrounding area or rooms located off the main space.

A Technical Study was conducted to determine the radiators required and the
correct size per room to heat the space effectively. The Kyros radiator was
chosen for its compact design, visual menus and control panel locking
function (so the temperature could not be tampered with).

As these radiators are so easy to install, the heating system was ready to go
in just one day with minimal disruption and the staff can now relax away from
their desks in a warm atmosphere.

Project owner
Restaurant HQ
Leicester, Midlands
Heating system installed
No. products installed

As the installation of the Kyros heating system is so easy, this meant that there was minimal disruption to the employees of this busy restaurant headquarters. The staff now enjoy quality heat that enhances their working day.

“We needed a superior heating system that could be installed with minimal disruption to our staff. After discussing our requirements with our office design company, they recommended Rointe and we knew we needed their advanced heating solutions.”

– Restaurant headquarters