Historical building

in Woodhouse, Leicestershire

“A beautiful heating system for 24/7/ comfort.”

This Victorian country house previously used a storage heater
system for their heating needs. However, catering for large-scale
events held during day and night, meant that they were no longer
suitable and a replacement needed to be found.

The owners were looking for a stylish heating system that would
fit with the interior aesthetics and importantly, would not need
an Economy 7 electricity tariff.

Based on the nature of these large premises, Rointe conducted a
thorough Technical Study to recommend a suitable storage heater
alternative. The D Series was chosen to seamlessly fit into the
décor of the rooms.

As storage heaters draw electricity through a cheaper night rate
and store for inefficient daytime heat, the project owner was
confined to an Economy 7 tariff and bulky, unattractive heaters.
By installing the D Series radiators, they could switch to an
economical tariff and maintain temperature control from their
smartphones, individually or collectively.

Project owner
Historical building
Woodhouse, Leicestershire
Heating system installed
D Series
No. products installed

The installation of the D Series connected heating system meant an aesthetic alternative, with complete heating control, to storage heaters that wasted energy and left rooms cold when the temperature outside dropped.

“We were restricted to one electricity tariff with our storage heaters, which meant we never had heat when we needed it the most. By switching to the Rointe connected D Series heating system, we can now maintain a comfortable  environment for our visitors that was so easy to install.” 

– Historical building committee