Efficient housing developments

in various locations across Wales

“Continuous commitment to our partnerships.”

This affordable housing development company dreamt of building
ecological and sustainable homes. Designed with dedication and
built to last, these properties lead the way in terms of quality
and energy efficiency for the whole family.

They needed a professional partner to deliver efficiency goals,
not only to help protect the environment but to also reduce
energy consumption and help save home owners money.

Before each development installation, Rointe worked with this
partner to conduct thorough Technical Studies on each location,
plan and home to ensure maximum energy efficiency and
sustainability. For the last few projects, the Kyros radiator
and towel rail system was installed as it gives excellent
programming ability for families with different lifestyles,
thanks to the four pre-installed programs designed to meet
various needs.

Together, Rointe have built a lasting relationship as the only
supplier of advanced electric heating solutions to this company.
We enjoy working together with our partners to install the most
beneficial heating systems.

Project owner
Efficient housing developments
Heating system installed
No. products installed
over 500

When Rointe conduct a heating installation for any project, we work closely with the owners to ensure the right product is fitted and they experience a high level of service. We build lasting relationships with many of our clients and value their partnership.

“We strive for energy efficiency, high quality and standards in our housing developments; therefore we wanted a heating supplier that would help us deliver our goals. We chose Rointe digital integral systems as our perfect partner.”

– Efficient housing development in Wales