Design studio and office

in Castellón, Spain

“Sleek design and the latest smart controls.”

VXLAB is a design consultancy specialising in managing interior
design brands. When they renovated their offices in Castellón,
they wanted a heating system with the latest smart technology
to fit with their new office vibe.

As they deal with interior designers on a daily basis, they
needed to ensure that their new heating system would strike a
chord with their clients. Therefore, they selected Rointe to
represent them.

Made from high purity aluminium with a modern design, the D
Series radiators also offered complete control over each
radiator and was chosen for this project on that basis. The
patented e·life technology and built-in Wi-Fi meant they had
heating automation without gateways and did not need to do
any additional configurations to their routers.

The owners can control the temperature, lock the radiators
and manage their consumption and costs directly from their
smartphones. This met perfectly with their needs.

Project owner
VXLAB design studio
Castellón, Spain
Heating system installed
D Series
No. products installed

The D Series heating system is unique in that it includes patented automation technology without gateways. We call it e·life. It allows high data transmission speeds with no need to configure the router and works independently with real-time synchronisation.

“As a studio, we understand the importance of interior design in a space. It was imperative that our new heating system had style and a flawless finish, alongside 24/7 control from anywhere in the world. That’s why we selected the D Series electric radiator to join us at VXLAB.” 

– Design studio and office