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With this easy to use tool, we can guide you in your decision on which products to purchase! Do you want to know which Rointe Radiator is suitable for each room in your home, office, hotel, etc.? We can help you Calculate your requirements in only a few simple steps to ensure you end up with a completely efficient installation.

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If you would like to calculate the heating requirements of your home, office, hotel, etc., or if you need assistance in using the  calculations application, or need assistance with something else, complete the contact form below and we will contact you.

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In Rointe, we have an extensive group of experts to study installations on a case by case basis in order to prepare the most accurate estimate possible.  We study each case individually and personalise your installation depending on the dimensions, geographical area, number of areas inside the house or building, materials used, load losses and a number of other parameters that you may specify when requesting your estimate. Quality is the most important thing for Rointe, and this is the reason we work hard to ensure the installation is just right for you, ensuring that it will deliver the highest efficiency possibly.

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If you have an office, hotel or any kind of facility and you’re thinking of switching to the most innovative low-consumption electric heating product on the market please get in touch.  With our D range of radiators, towel rails and water heaters, which are equipped with internal WiFi and controllable via the Rointe connect App, we ensure you minimum consumption and maximum control of each device, call us on 0203 321 5928 or send your request via the contact form to get started.