Discover more about Rointe from our CEO and owner of the company, Antonio Dengra

The CEO and owner of Rointe heating, Antonio Dengra, answers our questions in this in-depth feature on our company. Learn about Rointe heating history, energy efficient products and our plans for the future.

We are a professional company that specialises in energy efficient electric heating.

My father, José Dengra, started the company over 30 years ago in 1985. He was a plumber and he recognised the need for an electric (or dry) heating system, without pipes or maintenance.

Our company mission is to replace old-fashioned gas heating products with modern and technologically advanced solutions that our customers can rely on. We work hard to create the perfect solution capable of providing maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

When my father retired, I took over the business in 2005. I had a vision for expansion and continuous investment in Research and Development. We create cutting-edge solutions that everyone can own, so investment in our low consumption technologies is paramount to our success.

Our headquarters are based in Murcia, Spain. We have grown so much in the last few years and now operate in 9 countries across Europe, with more still to come. We produce over 100,000 products each year and only source the highest quality components. We expanded our product portfolio last year to include underfloor heating, alongside our complete system of electric radiators, towel rails and water heaters.

We also have a range of remote controls and accessories to complement our main products.

You can see our company timeline here.

We regularly work with property investors, offices, universities and the hospitality sector like hotels. They come to us because they need professional and efficient heating systems from experts in the field. No project is too big or small for us and the idea of working with some of the biggest establishments in the UK is exciting!

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work on some fantastic refurbishments in the hotel industry for example. They all choose the Rointe integrated heating systems as it offered a reduction in costs and complete control over their heating systems, without affecting guest satisfaction or comfort.

Our product portfolio includes both air and water heating – a complete system from one supplier.

As our heating solutions are easy to install, this gives business owners the option to replace old and inefficient products with minimal disruption. They also only want heating solutions that are stylish, modern and convenient, which is what Rointe bring to the table. You can choose from a number of sizes and finishes as well. The D Series range comes in over 30 colours thanks to the RAL options we offer.

In the modern era, we guarantee that you can have complete control over our products from any smartphone. This is so important as it gives you the option to adjust temperatures and lock the heating remotely so other users cannot interfere. You can also see live statistics of the Rointe heating system such as cost and efficiency.

With Rointe heating, it can be cheaper to install and last up to 50% longer than the average gas system. As our heating solutions use only electricity, any business can ensure the safety of their guests and employees. No carbon monoxide gases or burst pipes.

However, the biggest factor is cost. Our products are 100% efficient so you can be sure that the money spent on heating is used as efficiently as possible. A wise investment!

Rointe is a very well structured and flexible company, ready to adapt to any changes that appear in the market. Our focus is to ensure we give customers the advice, support and expertise that they need to make the right heating choice for their home or business.

We employ over 50 people at HQ and have an extensive network of distributors, installers and sales representatives across the UK.

We are committed to great customer service and our employees work hard to maximise this. We offer a 360º service starting with our sales representatives. They provide advice and on-site support along with generating leads. Our after sales care is second to none, with under 24 hour response time and advanced diagnostics should any issue arise.

We also ensure our customers have lengthy guarantees in case of faults so that they have peace of mind when choosing a Rointe heating product. In fact, we are one of the only brands in the market to include a 20-year guarantee on electric radiators!

Our team has a wide range of skills. We have technicians, production operatives, sales representatives and a Research + Development department, alongside the Marketing and Finance teams. We also have a specialised department dedicated to our app and e-life technology. They are all highly talented, hardworking and form an intricate part of this company.

For me, it has to be our D Series range. We launched the D Series 2 years ago as our premium electric heating range. It includes radiators, towel rails and water heaters. They all come with built-in Wi-Fi – a first in the heating market! This means that you can connect and control an entire installation without gateways. The products connect directly to Wi-Fi from up to 100m away.

A simple download of our free Rointe Connect app then means you can control the D Series range anytime, anywhere. All you need is your smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s a great tool to control the product wherever you are plus you can see reports on your energy usage and cost savings. We wanted our customers to have complete transparency with their products so they know exactly what they are spending and how much energy it’s using.

With the app, you can divide the property into rooms, floors or other zones, which you can control separately. For example, in a hotel, you could switch the heating on in an individual room when a guest checks in and off when they check out. The guest does not need to do anything but step into a warm and inviting space and you ensure that the heating isn’t on when it doesn’t need to be.

The app also allows you to view real-time reports. The owner can check the cost expenditure of each product (or a whole floor) by day, month or year. In addition, it will send notifications to your device so you can save on consumption. It also allows you to lock the products remotely to avoid tampering with the settings or temperature. This feature is fantastic for schools and healthcare establishments like hospitals, as it keeps the products and children/patients safe.

The D Series also benefits from our low consumption technology – Fuzzy Logic Energy Control. Developed and patented by us, this advanced technology stabilises the temperature variation within +/- 0.25ºC and predicts the amount of energy required to heat the room.

Our D-SERIES radiators are designed to give the most natural air circulation in a room to help reach the desired temperature in a limited amount of time. The faster a room can be heated the less expensive it becomes.

All products in the D Series come in a wide choice of colours and finishes so that you can choose the style that best suits the décor. We also included improvements in quality to the D Series range. We replaced plastic fittings with slimline aluminium sides and body for a sleek design. We wanted a modern product that everyone would love and that we could be proud of, and that is what we have achieved.

Yes. There are only 3 simple steps:

  1. We size the room or property correctly using our technical study. This takes into account the number of elements, size of the room and climatic zone to ensure the correct product and size is installed for maximum energy efficiency.
  2. Each product comes equipped with a template and installation guide. The installer simply needs to position the product, screw the fixings into the wall and slide the product into its bracket.
  3. The user needs to configure the product. It’s easy with the D Series and the Rointe Connect app. Or with the KYROS range, it comes with 4 pre-installed programs ready to use. Therefore, you just need to activate the program best suited to the user needs.

We even have YouTube videos to help with installation.

The great thing about our products, and electric heating in general, is they are so easy to install. There’s no pipework or chimneys so minimal disruption. Simply fix to the wall, switch it on and voila, instant heat!

We’ve worked with some fantastic hotels on numerous projects and regularly get enquiries for large projects. Some of our clients include:

  • Treacys Hotels – Wexford and Shannon, Ireland
  • Hilton Grosvenor – Edinburgh
  • Best Western Plus Castle Green – Kendal
  • Taynuilt Hotel – Argyll and Bute, Scotland
  • Combermere Abbey – Whitchurch
  • SoHostel – London
  • Breadsall Priory Marriott Hotel – Derby

Treacys Enniscorthy hotel in Wexford needed radiators installed in each of their guest rooms. They wanted an efficient system that could easily be controlled from reception and could be locked to prevent guest misuse. After a technical study was completed, we installed our D Series radiators in each room and connected them directly to the hotel Wi-Fi. The end result was fantastic and the owners were extremely pleased with the results:

“The possibility to control all radiators from our hotel reception is vital, as we can control how they are used at all time. The Rointe integrated heating system is efficient, stylish and easy to use. It offers a very pleasant atmosphere and comfortable heat to our guests.”

Generally, we find many clients are pleasantly surprised at how easy our products are to use and install.

They are so satisfied after using them and know they have bought a great product. They have some wonderful comments about us. I like to ensure that whatever feedback our customers have, we take it on board for future improvements. Whether it’s for the user manuals, our website or the product design, all comments are taken into consideration so we can grow and improve.

No. We really haven’t seen much impact on our business because of Brexit.  However, there is still a long way to go until the UK completely leaves the single market. We do not envisage that it will affect the company but we must be vigilant and informed about the changes Brexit may bring so we can ensure the success of our company.
The heating market moves very quickly and we’re known to adapt to any change extremely well. Take the new Lot20 regulations for example. Many of our competitors had to design new products with energy saving functions and new technology. However, we did not as our products were already Lot20 compliant long before the regulations came into effect.

Over the last 5 years we’ve expanded our product portfolio to include the D Series range and underfloor heating. To think when we started over 30 years ago we only had one electric radiator and now we have a huge product offering that caters to everyone. The success of our heating systems is down to the correct sizing of the product. Our sales team provide a free technical study on every installation that takes into account size of the room, the number of elements required and climatic zone. This ensures the customer has the correct product and size installed, along with the most balanced consumption.

We have also sold to new markets across Europe. France, Sweden and Russia are some of our newest ventures with great response.

The market has changed rapidly and so has the user’s mentality. A few years ago they were looking for cheap, easily available products, but now they realise they need a reliable and valuable product that can be connected and controlled smartly.

The next 5 years are very important for us as a business. We want to build on our success and be the number 1 business in the heating market in Europe. In order to do this, we will focus on Research and Development to meet the needs of our customers. Technology is always evolving. The world is becoming more aware of energy usage and how it affects the environment (and their wallets!). Therefore, we must continually evaluate and improve to ensure our customers get the lowest consumption possible from their Rointe products.

We also want to expand our market share. It’s growing year on year and we are very competitive against some of the more well-known brands. Customers choose Rointe over them because they enjoy the personal service we can give them and that’s something we will always provide.

We are also expanding our product portfolio even further over the next few years. These are exciting times for us and we want to make sure we offer a wide range of diverse electric heating products that everyone can experience and own. The UK and Ireland market is extremely important for us and generates many sales. We have strong plans to expand here over the next few years, beginning with the launch of our online shop earlier this year:


When it comes to finding electric heating solutions for your home, business or project, we are the best in the market. Quite simply, we develop the electric heating systems that we would put into our own homes.

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