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Heating isn’t just a perfunctory item in a home, it provides comfort and well-being as well as warmth. When it comes to electric heating solutions, we are the best in the market. Quite simply, we develop the systems that we would install into our own homes.

Specialists in low consumption cost-effective electric heating systems since 1985, we are committed to research, innovation and quality. Our aim is to offer our customers an exceptional product that is technologically advanced and efficient. Discover our range of electric radiators, towel rails, underfloor heating systems and smart controls that are the most effective, sustainable and intelligent solutions on the heating market.

Rointe – ready for Lot20

All our products have been manufactured in compliance with the new Lot20 regulation of the ECODESIGN Directive. So you can easily identify them, all our products include a badge that shows their certification with these regulations. Want to know more about Lot20? Visit our dedicated website: If you have a specific question on Lot20, view our FAQs.

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June 8th, 2018|Comments Off on IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Water Heaters

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON OUR D SERIES & KYROS WATER HEATERS We're launching a brand new range of water heaters at the end of Summer 2018. Here at Rointe, we firmly believe that advanced technology, combined with quality materials and smart controls, maximises energy savings for every user. That's why we've some exciting information to share with you. In order for us to prepare for the new collection, we're removing our existing water heater range (D Series and KYROS) from [...]

A useful guide to register your Rointe product

May 17th, 2018|Comments Off on A useful guide to register your Rointe product

Step-by-step guide to registering your product Thank you for purchasing from Rointe. We hope you are thrilled with your new heating appliance. Now it’s time to register your product in order to validate your guarantee. Here we explain the process with our step-by-step guide. What you will need: Your product reference number Your product serial number (small silver metal tag on the back of the product) Your invoice or purchase order confirmation Ready to get started? Help me register my [...]

Why you should choose electric heating over gas

March 27th, 2018|Comments Off on Why you should choose electric heating over gas

Electric heating vs. gas central heating systems Do you often wonder which type of heating solution you should use? You should because it's an important question that carries implications for the energy efficiency of your home or property. For a long time, gas was considered the cheapest way of heating a property. It is the most common form of heating in UK homes, with around 8 million gas boilers sold every year in the UK. A gas system consists of [...]