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At Rointe we have been specialists in heating systems since 1985. We are the creators of the only clean and efficient electrical heating system made up of radiators, towel rails and Digital Water Heaters (D.H.W.), capable of replacing old-fashioned boiler heating systems that pollute the environment.

Our new D-SERIES home automation range with built-in Wi-Fi module enables you to control, through your home or business’s Wi-Fi network, your entire Rointe’s heating system. At any time and from anywhere with just your smartphone you will have total control of your system.


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Top 30 energy saving tips

October 11th, 2017|Comments Off on Top 30 energy saving tips

Top 30 energy saving tips from the electric heating experts Many people become concerned at the rising energy costs in the lead up to and during the winter season. As the days become colder and the nights darker, they often wonder… Can I reduce my costs? How do I save energy? There are many different ways to do both. Some are easy wins and others require a little more preparation. Here we round up the 30 most important energy saving [...]

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How to cut your loft extension costs with Rointe

October 5th, 2017|Comments Off on How to cut your loft extension costs with Rointe

Efficient heating for your attic Opting for a loft extension can give you more usable space in your home. Although it can help to add square footage, it can also be an expensive project as the average cost of a loft extension is £20,000. There are plenty of things you’ll need to think about with the build, such as how you’ll heat the space during the winter months and how to save costs on construction. By choosing an easy to [...]

Lot20 – A lot of questions?

September 26th, 2017|Comments Off on Lot20 – A lot of questions?

LOT20 – A LOT OF QUESTIONS? Delving deeper into the facts that define Lot20, Santiago Villaescusa (Head of Technical at Rointe) answers the key questions that installers are asking, for Professional Electrician & Installer.   Which products are governed by the Lot20 regulations? All space heating products for domestic use with a calorific value of less than or equal to 50kW, which are manufactured and put on sale after 1st January 2018, must comply with the new Lot20 European regulations. [...]